Artist Biography

Linda Jeffery Sailors has made color the central theme in her art, which comprises media from watercolors to pastel and styles ranging from representational to abstract. Her work includes landscapes, florals, wine-related and travel scenes, and a variety of abstracts. She has become established as a painter using yupo, a smooth paper that facilitates techniques not possible on regular watercolor paper.    
"I enjoy experimenting with new materials and perfecting new techniques to express my creativity," she said. The one thing that all her work presents to the viewer is the visual importance of color in our lives.    

She shows her art regularly in the Tri-Valley and beyond and has won numerous awards, including a Silver Award at the Alameda County Fair.    
Linda formerly served for 17 years in local elected positions, including mayor of Dublin, California, and was a founding member of the Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority and Wheels, and she remains active in community affairs to this day.    
Pursuing new techniques, Linda has studied under established artists in the Tri-Valley area and attended workshops given by nationally renowned artists. She began her career as a clothing designer after studying apparel design at the University of California , San Francisco. In addition, she has a bachelor of arts degree in business management from St. Mary's College.